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Looking for peak performance?


Epworth has all the facilities for a varied, fun, and productive rowing training camp. 


Located on the banks of the Waikato River, boats can be stored and launched with ease. 



Epworth’s wide open fields and variety of onsite adventure games and activities, help you build fitness, strength, morale, and team work. 


Book Epworth for your next rowing training camp.  Our safe, fun, versatile, and value for money environment will help you produce motivated teams producing peak performances.


Epworth’s accommodation blocks are excellent value for money, and our ongoing improvement initiative means they all have comfortable beds and modern decor.  Commercial kitchens are available at Epworth for cooking those nutritious meals that provide the fuel for peak performance.  You can also take advantage of our catering services which provide excellent value and quality food, removing the hassle and stress of preparing meals for large groups.


Epworth’s contained, isolated environment affords organizers the confidence their charges are safe and focussed on the tasks at hand.  There is plenty of space and activities for groups to socialise and unwind at the end of a hard day training.


A large gym provides a safe guard against those rainy days.  Giving organizers plenty of space to keep rowers active and training, regardless of the weather.


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